Drama: Summer Stars the Musical


In this advanced theatre course, students build on their previous skills, with greater focus on the singing and dancing of musical theatre—a world growing in popularity with older age groups—while also incorporating other performance forms if needed, such as improv, lip-synching, gymnastics, martial arts, stage combat, etc. Emphasis is placed on the process of creating a large Broadway-style musical show, showcasing as many talents and abilities of the students as possible, to drive home the fact that all the world is a stage and every child has brilliance to contribute. Students will present a culminating evening performance for family and friends.

Previous enrollment in the Summer Stars on Stage course or similar theatre experience preferred, but not required.

NOTE: Students must provide full photo release to participate in this class.


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June 10–July 12, 2019
PM (12:30–3:15 pm)
Grades: 6–10


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