Hawai‘i Nature Study Program: Observers


This class, originally designed to engage students through hands-on learning in the outdoor environment, will be adapted to an online setting this summer. Using activities from CRDG’s Hawai‘i Nature Study program, students will engage with each other online in activities that introduce them to Hawai‘i’s plants, insects, small animals, and reef and shore. This class will teach them to become scientists–conducting investigations into different organisms, following their life cycles, testing their responses to various stimuli, observing their different behaviors, learning what places them in different groups, and determining what foods or nutrients they require. The learning experience is enriched through the integration of art, group projects, and games.
Students do not need to have taken previous courses to enroll.

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Online Programs

June 7–July 9, 2021
Session A (8:00–10:00 am)
Grades: 1-2

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