Google Apps For Education Workshop Series

The Google Apps For Education (GAFE) Workshop Series will help teachers and administrators of all ability levels build dynamic, 21st century learning environments for their students to learn and thrive in. All workshop curricula are designed by Hawaii’s only GAFE Certified Trainer and all culled from both Google proprietary training materials and research-based best practices developed by CRDG and tested at the University Laboratory School.

Google Apps 101

This hands-on workshop will focus on the basic functionality and use of Google Apps For Education. Attendees will learn to navigate the Gmail interface, manage calendars, create and share folders, documents, presentations and forms. This workshop will also help teachers to create a basic classroom management system that will help them to hit the ground running with their students.

Level: Beginner 

Deploying Google Apps 101

Are you thinking about Going Google? We will help answer some of your pressing questions, provide tips on deployment strategies and professional development models and explore ways to improve adoption rates for students and faculty. Using Hawaii DOE case studies and research driven best practices this workshop should be able to provide you the information you need to decide of Google Apps are good for your school.

Level: Admin/TC

CCSS and Google Apps

With the era of Common Core Standards approaching, technology has never been more important. Google Apps For Education provides tools for teachers to teach, students to learn and for administrators to support as we transition into this new age. Attendees will learn ways to use GAFE to support the Anchor Standards for Writing, the Standards for Mathematical Practice as well as becoming part of a burgeoning CCSS Learning Community that will serve as a center for sharing lessons, videos, materials and other resources to help implement the Common Core.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate 

Writing Strategies with Google Apps

With the age of the Common Core Standards upon us, writing across the curriculum is more important than ever. The Anchor Standards for Writing combined with Google Apps For Education create opportunities for teachers in all disciplines to help students become better writers. Attendees will learn how GAFE can support and enhance writing strategies like peer review, research, publishing, collaborative writing, process writing, script writing, student portfolios and explore the effectiveness of these strategies by examining actual student work.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Collaborative Strategies and Student Centered Learning

Perhaps the biggest benefit of deploying GAFE in your classroom are the collaborative capabilities your students can leverage. This workshop will expose teachers to GAFE pedagogical strategies they can implement immediately. Attendees will explore Google Groups, Google Hangouts, peer review, folder management, Docs and take a look at a number of actual student projects that promote high levels of student collaboration.

Level: Intermediate

Getting Geeky with Google Apps

If you have ever wanted to blow the roof off of Google Apps in your classroom this is the workshop for you. We will explore some projects that integrate Google Apps like Youtube, Google Earth, Google Maps, Sketchup, Android OS and others to create dynamic models of true, 21st century learning.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Designing a Google Apps Classroom

This workshop will provide attendees with all the tools you need to establish a vibrant, efficient and collaborative learning environment. By leveraging Folders to open channels of communication, Sites to share information with the community, Calendars to increase efficiency and Forms to collect more, better and faster information teachers will leave ready to launch their classes into the 21st century.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Chromebooks 101

Chromebooks have proven to be an excellent solution for schools looking to make a safer, cheaper and easier foray into 21st century learning. Chromebooks provide inexpensive access to the full suite of Google Apps while requiring minimal technical knowledge to deploy. Chromebooks also support students without internet access at home by providing 100mb of free data usage per month. Attendees will have hands-on access to Chromebooks and explore ways students and teachers can leverage the technology in their classroom.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Chromebook Deployment

This workshop for administrators or technology coordinators will explore effective strategies for designing, deploying and maintaining a fleet of Chromebooks. Attendees will learn how to navigate the Chromebook Dashboard, how to integrate with Active/Open Directory integration, permissions, AUP protocols and Gold Standard roll out models. Attendees will walk away with the confidence to start planning their own Chromebook deployment.

Level: Admin/TC

Google Apps Administration

This workshop is for those technology coordinators and administrators who have questions about how to administer a GAFE learning environment. Our administrative experts will walk attendees through the process of setting up a safe, efficient and dynamic learning environment. Some of the topics include setup, creating users, groups, permissions, student security and much more. Attendees will come away ready to confidently and safely set up GAFE at their school.

Level: Admin/TC