Meet the Creators

Seanyelle Yagi, PhD

Seanyelle Yagi, PhD, has been a mathematics educator for more than twenty years, as an elementary and middle school teacher, a mathematics coach, and a complex area and state level resource teacher. She is currently a curriculum developer and teacher/researcher. She continues to learn from teaching students early algebraic concepts through the escapades of Lani and Rabbert. In her free time Seanyelle enjoys going on adventures around O‘ahu with her husband and son.

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Linda Venenciano, PhD

Linda Venenciano, PhD, is a mathematics educator who is endlessly curious about how children learn to reason and persevere to make sense of patterns and other observations in their world. Linda has pursued these interests through her work as a teacher and a university professor. She is also the proud mother of two daughters who have never been afraid of math.

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Fay Zenigami

Fay Zenigami is a teacher, curriculum developer, and researcher in mathematics education who is delving into storytelling to share her love of her favorite subject. She enjoys the energy, wonder, and belief of young children when they enter a world of fanciful adventures that introduces them to new ideas in a fun way, especially when it’s about mathematics!

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Byron Inouye

Byron Inouye is a graphic designer and illustrator who draws circles and linear objects to create logos, infographics, cute characters, and backgrounds. He has a BFA in graphic design and uses math every day.

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