Driver’s Education Instructor Greetings and Updates [Week 2]

Hello Parents,

Thank you for all you continue to support! Driver’s Education relies on parent involvement. We need you; together we can meet our safe driving goals. Our driver’s education class is going very well, and we are all in good spirits. Finishing week two, moving forward with our final days as we complete week three.

To share a little about what we are up to: each day we begin with a read and respond current events section – Collision of the Day. We dissect and discuss local collisions. What can go wrong all too often, and how these things can happen to any driver. How to best prevent collisions, and how knowledge can reinforce everyday decisions and reduce injury.

I engage my class daily with active lectures on topics like: the Graduated Drivers Licensing System, Administrative Rules, Driving Responsibility, Rules of the Road, Starting & Stopping, Basic Maneuvers, Risk Management, Sharing the Road with Other Users, Driving in Bad Weather, and even Consumer Economics. Chapter Video Reviews, Worksheets, and Tests follow our textbook and student notes. Tests include a Multiple Choice and Short Answer Essay writing portion, which challenge students to better understand the importance of proper and safe driving techniques. We strive to develop a strong foundation and simple safe driving habits.

We add, daily, to our Defensive Driving Skills, an exercise that has students build a list together of safe driving ideas, concepts and rules. Our Video Highlights Series opens students’ eyes to the reality of everyday driving and the real dangers they may encounter on the road. Students hear about factual accounts of real people sharing real stories and how quickly a single decision can change everything. Students learn how responsibility and driving affect us all as road users. The students answer questions, share their opinions, and sometimes even their emotions.

How-to, Who’s @ Fault, and Road Test Prep are mini sections that we continue to work on as we finish our classroom portion. We are all excited to get started with our Behind-the -Wheel and head out on the road. All involved are looking forward to our next steps together. As a group, we have come a long way in a short period. Thank you all for your hard work and continued commitment to your Lifetime of Safe Driving!

-Mr. K. Clark.


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