Having a Terrific Third Week, Session B and COnline Programs Week 03

The summer is speeding by, and it’s hard to believe we’re halfway through with classes! It’s amazing to see how much they’re learning.  Be sure to ask your child to show you their amazing work!

Minecraft: A Virtual Learning Adventure

For Week #3 we did a week-long project: creating an amusement park. Everyday we had a new assignment, and sometimes two assignments. By the end of the week all of our amusement parks included: a front gate (where customers can buy tickets, stand in line to get in, and other things like bag checks or temperature checks). Around the front gate we added stands and stores where people could “purchase” things before entering the amusement park. We also added a photo area with cameras so guests can take pictures at the front of the amusement park. The second assignment was a restaurant with outside and inside sitting areas, and a to-go area where guests can order food to eat around the amusement park.

Tuesday’s first amusement park assignment was building our first ride— a roller coaster. We had to build a big roller coaster with hills and big turns. Our second assignment was to add a bumper cars ride using an ice rink & row boats.

Wednesday’s assignment was to create our choice of water park ride for the amusement park. We were instructed to make a complex water ride with multiple slides, tunnel slides, multiple levels, and a pool at the bottom.

On Thursday we had to add a giant ferris wheel to the amusement park. We were told to make it as big as possible, with at least 6 carts on the wheel. All the carts should be different colors and big enough for guests to sit in. Unfortunately making the ferris wheel move in Minecraft is hard, so ours we stationary – it will just be a decorative ferris wheel.

Finally, it was Friday!  Today’s assignment was to add a game zone to our amusement park. We had to design three games, minimum. We used our imagination to create carnival games like: ring toss, ping pong ball throw, shooting galleries, and even a horse race. If we finished that early, we added a go kart track and a free-fall ride.

This was a HUGE week but the completed amusement parks were AWESOME!!  It was so much fun running around each other’s parks, riding the rides and playing the games!

Introduction to Robotics with Lego WeDo

This week we continued our learning journey with guided Lego WeDo projects. Projects included: pulling—exploring forces that move objects by building and programing a pull-robot, speed—exploring race car features to build and program a race car that can move forward and stop at a finish line, robust structures—exploring earthquakes and how to build structures that are earthquake stable (tested with an earthquake simulator we built), and a STEM project —building parachutes and exploring ways to build a parachute with the most drag possible to land our pipe cleaner people safely!

Little Journalists

This week we delved even further into the world of journalism. We continued with our features, interviewing the youngest Lego lovers, the nature enthusiasts, and those seeking adventure. We honed our skills with strategic photo selections. We tried our hand at writing opinion pieces and editorials, and even began working on actual newspaper layouts.

Robotics with Lego EV3

It was an exciting week of programming our robots to accomplish multiple challenges. We were given two different courses that included angles and different directions. When we completed both of our courses, we were given a new assignment to take apart our EV3 robots and rebuild it into a Bevel Bot. Mrs. Natagoshi said, “It’s a joy to see them work through difficult programming.”

STEM Workshop: Science Olympics

We rolled into Week 3 by exploring “Wheeled Vehicles”. First, we built a simple car out of cardboard, skewers, straws, and wooden wheels that could roll forward when we pushed it. Next, we built ramps to use the power of gravity and observed that the higher the vehicle was placed up the ramp, the further it could travel. We practiced marking the release heights on the ramp to calibrate our vehicle to travel target distances of one, two, and three meters. Then we modified our vehicles with rubber bands, sails, and balloons as alternative sources of power. Finally, we combined multiple power sources to help our vehicles travel the farthest distance possible. With so much to do, this week just raced by!

Story Art, Smart Art, Let’s Get ARTed

This week, we continued to write imaginary stories, with interesting characters, detailed settings and multiple events. First we sailed the high seas by writing tales about adventurous pirates and hidden treasures. Then we enjoyed eating sweet summer treats with grumpy ladybugs! We also took an exciting virtual field trip to the zoo to research and draw some of the animals.

Adventure Seekers Online

Did you know your child isn’t an ordinary kid?  You may be surprised to learn that living in your own house is a superhero, or maybe a super villian! This week, we all identified our superpowers and our super hero name. With our secret identities revealed, we enjoying playing superhero vs. villain games and super villainous bouncy balls.