The Summer of STEM

This summer we are offering two fun STEM classes, STEM Workshop: Science Olympics and Explorations in STEM: Discovery.  Both classes started off the week with a cup stacking team activity.

Science Olympics
This week our students created Lego bridges to support tennis balls over a gap and flew paper airplanes and paper helicopters (paper attached to movable weights). Kaila B. remarked, “I liked flying paper airplanes. I learned about accuracy and distance when you throw it.”

STEM: Discovery
Students started this first week with a series team building exercises. In addition to cup stacking, students played Saving Sam. Sam the gummy worm is drowning!  Teams had to work together to put a gummy “lifesaver” around poor sam. Towards the end of the week, students were introduced to the three states of matter and created shapes to grow borax crystals.

Check out their activities in the photo galleries for Science Olympics and STEM: Discovery