[Week 04] Morning ProgramsSummer Programs 2023


NOTE: We are still processing all the photos taken this week. We will continue to update this post with more photos as they are uploaded.


During the fourth week of our Scratch programming class, we transitioned into the project phase. Each group made decisions regarding their individual projects and began bringing their ideas to code using Scratch. It was truly remarkable to witness the significant progress made by the students as they immersed themselves in their projects.
Furthermore, we delved into the crucial skill of debugging. Together, we tackled challenges and resolved issues that arose during the creation of the projects. The process of debugging not only honed their problem-solving abilities but also fostered collaboration within the class.
As the students worked on their projects, they encountered various obstacles that required them to acquire new Scratch skills. We worked together to understand and utilize these new coding blocks and features to overcome these challenges successfully.
Overall, week four was marked by productive project development and collaborative problem-solving. The students showcased great determination and growth, which is truly inspiring to witness as their instructor.

This week we attempted to finish our vase dioramas and our soap-resist paintings, but we are struggling with the sporadic rain that interfered with our efforts to gather materials for our dioramas and dry our paintings. We are still hoping to finish these by Friday. We also started making artwork of their choosing for our gallery space in anticipation of open house.  We hope you can see their work at Open House next week.

This week we are working on rehearsing our assigned scenes or monologues, as well as our original play. Part of this involves the actors working on their introductory lines of description (for the scenes or monologues), and also their individual slates. I am pushing them to be as good in these areas as they possibly can be. The catch phrase I stress is that they should all strive for excellence, which I’ve defined as expecting more of themselves than anyone else would expect of them. Time is also being spent on the necessary blocking of the play and also how they will transition between scenes and monologues in the most efficient manner, and also how to set up the staging for the play in our second act, again, in the most efficient manner.

explorer graphic logoHNS: EXPLORERS
This week, our Explorers went on a trip to the Insect Museum on the UH campus. Explorers had fun learning about a variety of insects that are native and endemic to the islands. Students then had fun painting their favorite insect. We also started our final art project, the biome project, where they will create a diorama of an ecosystem of their choice. The diorama will showcase their knowledge of the relationship between the animals and its interaction with its environment. On Friday, we took a nice stroll to explore the life all around us on the UH campus.

observers graphic logoHNS: OBSERVERS
This week we expanded our animal knowledge by focusing on birds, amphibians and mammals. They have learned about the nene and i’iwi birds, the invasive poison dart frog and the coqui frog, and the marine mammals found in Hawai’i (the false killer whale, spinner dolphin, humpback whale, and monk seal). We had a virtual zoo visit on Wednesday where the keiki learned about some of the animals that live there. Friday we conducted an animal survey of the UH campus to see how many different animals we can find!

researchers graphic logoHNS: RESEARCHERS
This week we went to the UH lo’i where we learned about how the stream water flows through a lo’i and heard the mo’olelo about how the streams started. The students learned how to remove unwanted plants from a lo’i patch and helped to turn the soil.

summer games course iconLET’S PLAY SPORTS
In week 4 our main focus is 4 Square. We have been practicing the fundamentals and learning the basics. In addition, we continue to highlight the importance of sportsmanship and team work.

little journalist graphic logoLITTLE JOURNALISTS
This week the Little Journalists focused on putting action and detail into their articles. They learned to ask follow-up questions and to make sure photos reflected the content of their articles. They also practiced taking action shots in preparation for all of the action coming up during next week’s Spirit Week!  Check out this week’s newsletter to see how they put their new knowledge into practice!

stem discovery graphic logoSTEM: DISCOVERY
This week we started off with a field trip to Bishop Museum. Students were able to take part in interactive science exhibits that engaged them with the wonders that can be found in their own backyards as well as around our islands. In the classroom, students did some fun experiments creating catapults and building rollercoasters, and ended off the week with a BANG making fireworks!

stem olympics iconSTEM: SCIENCE OLYMPICS
This week has been productive as we finished up the realm of simple machines. Students constructed an awe-inspiring elevators and paper roller coaster tracks. As a grand finale to this eventful week, they joined forces within their respective groups to embark on the thrilling task of creating Rube Goldberg machines. This collaborative endeavor showcases their mastery of the knowledge accumulated throughout our engaging class.

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