Science and Nature’s Designs, Student WorkbookFEAST, grades 6–8

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A Complete Science Learning Kit Ignites Middleschoolers’ Curiosities
What kinds of food plants grow in your neighborhood? How much of the food you eat is locally grown? Does your family grow any of the food you eat? What happens to the waste we produce? Explore these topics and more with this workbook and learning kit for grades 6-8. This learning kit supports distance learning but does not rely on having internet access at home.

Lessons Align with NGSS Standards while Fostering a Sense of Place
The learning kit includes a workbook, a measuring tape, thermometer, pipette, hand magnifier, package of seeds, small envelope, labels, and colored pencils. The materials and books come together in a ziplock bag ready to take outside.

Each book has eight lessons that help students work toward specific learning outcomes. Each lesson represents one of four Hawai‘i School Garden Curriculum Map themes: sense of place; the living soil-the living plant; nourishment; and nature’ʻs designs. Each lesson also connects to the Next Generation Science Standards and some lessons connect to the. National Health Education Standards.

Each lesson has five parts: connecting, noticing, sensemaking, modeling, and reflecting. The first part connects the lesson to students’ lives. In the next section, students notice important features of a phenomenon, such as its patterns. In sensemaking, students use science ideas, such as cause and effect, to explain why the phenomenon happens. In modeling, students create representations that describe how a phenomenon happens. Finally, and most importantly, students reflect on what they have learned to connect it back to their own lives and cultures.

Culture and sense of place are important to teaching and learning. In this project, we focus on values, practices, words, places, and phenomena that are common to Hawaiʻi and Guam.

$0.00 $9.99

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978-1-58351-191-6 (ebook), 978-1-58351-190-9 (print)


Koh Ming Wei, Lori Andersen, with Ashley Acuna, Jacqueline Cramer, Douglas J. High, Jaime Lewis, Ilana Stout



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Digital (PDF), Softcover

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6, 7, 8



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