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M^Power A Path to Understanding Algebra uses instructional strategies that support students who struggle to develop concepts and skills that help them build confidence and competence in mathematics. Learning algebra requires more than memorizing formulas and finding answers. 

With a carefully structured progression, M^Power Student Book takes learners through six captivating units, providing them with a solid foundation in algebraic concepts and problem-solving skills. Each unit is expertly crafted to build upon the previous one, ensuring a seamless and immersive learning experience. 

Unit 1: Engaging with Number
Unit one of the curriculum emphasizes numerical understanding and operations while fostering a supportive classroom environment. Students will develop problem-solving skills and gain an appreciation for number patterns and relationships. The unit also includes lessons that encourage collaboration and the sharing of ideas, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts covered.

Unit 2: Engaging with Expressions
Algebra learning extends beyond memorization and calculation. It involves developing communication skills and enhancing critical thinking through engagement with expressions. Unit two of the curriculum introduces the concept of variables, emphasizing their various roles in equations and expressions. Mastering variables is crucial for success in algebra, and MPower’s approach ensures that all students have the opportunity to achieve proficiency in this fundamental aspect.

Unit 3: Engaging with Equations
Unit three centers on equations and inequalities, emphasizing the comprehension of equivalent relationships. Unlike conventional methods that prioritize procedural aspects, this unit employs a distinctive progression to foster a profound understanding of solving equations and inequalities. By honing this skill, students will gain the ability to analyze and solve intricate problems, establishing a strong foundation for success not only within the program but also in future mathematical endeavors.

Unit 4: Engaging with Functions
In algebra, functions are used to model real-life situations using multiple representations that include graphs, tables, and equations or inequalities. By understanding functions, students can learn to analyze and model relationships. They can also develop problem-solving skills and apply mathematical reasoning to real-world problems. Thus, engaging with functions is critical in learning algebra and provides a strong foundation for further studies in mathematics and other related fields. 

Unit 5: Engaging with Systems of Equations
Systems of equations is an important tool for modeling real-world situations in various fields such as engineering, physics, economics, and many others. By understanding systems of equations, students can utilize multiple representations that include tables, graphs, and equations or inequalities to model relationships. In doing so, they develop problem-solving skills and learn to apply mathematical concepts to real-life scenarios. 

Unit 6: Engaging with Polynomials
Polynomials are used to represent relationships and generalize arithmetic ideas. By understanding polynomials, students can learn to simplify more complex algebraic expressions, factor polynomials, solve polynomial equations, and graph polynomial functions. These skills are essential for further studies in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, as well as many other fields such as physics, engineering, and economics. Therefore, engaging with polynomials is critical in learning algebra and provides a foundation for higher-level mathematical studies and practical applications.


$8.99 $75.00

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Complete Book: 978-1-58351-208-1 (print), 978-1-58351-209-8 (digital), Unit 1: 978-1-58351-196-1 (print), 978-1-58351-197-8 (digital), Unit 2: 978-1-58351-198-5 (print), 978-1-58351-199-2 (digital), Unit 3:978-1-58351-200-5 (print), 978-1-58351-201-2 (digital), Unit 4: 978-1-58351-202-9 (print), 978-1-58351-203-6 (digital), Unit 5: 978-1-58351-204-3 (print), 978-1-58351-205-0 (digital), Unit 6: 978-1-58351-206-7 (print), 978-1-58351-207-4 (digital)


Barbara J. Dougherty | Fay K. Zenigami | Linda C. H. Venenciano




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