Apple Pie Take Virtual and Actual Tours [Week 3]

This week in How to Make an Apple Pie and Wow the World students travelled to three cities in France (Paris, Marseilles, and Lyon) and one city in Sri Lanka (Columbo). They learned several French words as well as some Sinhala words. Le Pain Perdu (french toast) and Confit Byaldi (similar to Ratatouille and made famous by the animated movie of the same name) were the highlight menu items that they ate this week. Students virtually toured The Lourve in Paris and Lyonnaise bakeries and bouchons; then they physically toured The Honolulu Museum of Art and the new Brug Bakery Kahala to see real bakers in action. In class, boats were designed, built, and tested using the engineering design process in the latest STEM challenge activity. Special guest local author, Alyssa Kapaona, came to the class to read her new book, Emma’s Adventure: Mommy’s Work Trip followed by a binocular craft making activity, which the students then brought with them while exploring the newest class mapping project, The Stan Sheriff Stadium.

Field Trip: Museum of Art


Field Trip: BRUG Bakery


Guest Speaker: Alissa Kapaona


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