Lego EV3 Robots Maneuver Through the Course [Week 4]

This week our class said good bye to their trash collection attachments, and began to work with their first sensor—the ultrasonic sensor.  This sensor detects distance between the sensor and an object and reads it in a measurement of centimeters or inches. Using this data, the students can program their bots to perform specific functions when the sensor passes a certain threshold measurement.  This is where our next challenge begins.

For this challenge, the students need to program their bot to survive a total of two minutes in the designated course, which is surrounded by various boxes.  Using the ultrasonic sensor, the groups can designate their bot to perform certain maneuvers whenever their bot reaches their specified threshold distance. For example, the bot will be programmed to move forward indefinitely, until an object is detected at 10 centimeters.  Once the object moves into their 10 centimeter threshold value, the bot will back up slightly and turn to the left. Then the program will continue on; moving forward indefinitely until it reaches another object at 10 centimeters away. Although the mechanics of their designs are all very similar, figuring out what the bot will do when it encounters an object will be their keys to success.


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