SA Seekers Open an Aquarium [SA B]

The Summer Adventures: Seekers had a very fun filled week! On Monday, the students learned what an aquarist does for a living and were introduced to their final project–building their very own aquarium exhibit dioramas. On Tuesday, they got to explore the Waikiki Aquarium website to research what animal they wanted to focus on for their final project. On Wednesday, we took a field trip to the Waikiki Aquarium so students could see the animals they had researched in real life! On Thursday, they started work on their aquariums, making decorations out of clay, construction paper, and pipe cleaners. They ended a hot day by taking a walk to UH Campus to get some yummy Jamba Juice. Finally, on the last day of Summer Adventures, the kids got to finish their Aquarium Exhibit Dioramas, decorate their hats, participate in water play, and set up the classroom for our aquarium grand opening. We hope your kids had a fun adventure being an aquarist for the week! Thanks for visiting the Seekers Aquarium!


Field Trip: Waikiki Aquarium


Slime Activity


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