Summer Adventure Seekers Blast into Space [SA-C]

The Summer Adventure Seeker kids planned a trip to space this week. To start off the week, students learned about being an astronaut. After that, they learned all about life in space and other galaxies. They applied what they learned to their final project, which was a space themed board game. On Wednesday, they had a fun day at Bishop Museum, with visits to the Science Adventure Center and the planetarium to watch two shows. Once we returned from the field trip, the students made galaxy slime. On Thursday morning, students learned all about the moon and why it changes. In the afternoon, they had some fun in the sun either doing water play or making beautiful art on the sidewalk with chalk. After all that fun, we took a short walk to Jamba Juice to cool down. The last day was busy as we prepared for our big event, Open House. The Seekers got to build their own rocket and make yummy astronaut food. We hope your kids had a blast planning a trip to space!

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