[Week 03] Afternoon Programs

creator space graphicCREATOR SPACE
This week we started hanging our artwork in the mini gallery in Castle Memorial Hall. We can’t wait for you to see it at Open House. We also made shrinky-dink keychains, prepared materials and designs for our felt and clay creatures for next week, as well as prepared for tie-dyeing shirts.

drama acting iconDRAMA: JUST ACT
Monday through Wednesday actors worked on scenes to improve their skills at script breakdowns, cold reads, and memorization for prepared scenes. They all have learned so much in these areas, so new scenes were provided on Thursday. Friday was devoted to working on our play. The students continue to do improvisational exercises to continue reinforcing that actors need to break out of their shells and use their imagination. The students have made remarkable progress in all aspects, particularly in their eagerness to perform. On our first class no one rushed the stage. Now, I have to tell them not to barge into one another and hurt themselves. They are all so enthusiastic, that I switched to calling on them when it’s their turn. This development is terrific.


We are learning about forests and jungles by exploring the different types of trees and how the stratification of life in the forest allows so much life to be in such a small area. We are watching videos, doing worksheets, and craft projects.

minecraft class logo graphicMINECRAFT
This week students continued their journey as Wildlife Rangers, exploring the conflicts that humans and elephants are facing as they try to coexist in the same world. They became detectives and searched out a harbor and questioned workers, looking for clues to stop the illegal trade of animals. They even rescued some pangolins! We ended our “We Are the Rangers” unit by becoming scientists and using DNA to unveil a trail of illegal ivory smuggling.

We began our “Climate Futures” unit and delved deep into the impact deforestation and agriculture has had on climate change.

We ended our week with a field trip to UH Manoa’s eSports Arena, where the students got first-hand experience with what eSports means, met some of the UH eSports team, and learned about all of the lucrative and enriching career paths that competitive gaming can take them.

ev3 logo graphicROBOTICS WITH LEGO EV3
This week we used the ultrasonic sensors to navigate our robots through a cardboard maze. This was a challenging activity for the whole class, but ended up being a great collaborative experience. We also are getting started with the color sensor. We are doing a lot of practice with VexCode VR. We are drawing geometrical patterns and designs that will be on display for you all to see at Open House.

lego we-do graphic logoROBOTICS WITH LEGO WEDO
This week, we were able to continue the plant and pollinator machine. The students created their own plant and pollinator with Legos. Afterward, they started learning about how to create a flood gate and learned the importance of what it is and how it helps the community. The students created a flood gate through guided instruction then created their own flood gate. On Thursday and Friday, they started on a new project that included creating a machine to help drop and rescue people and animals to a safer environment in case of any weather hazard.

robotics vex iconROBOTICS WITH VEX
Students continue building their robots, coding, testing motors, practicing their driving, and completing missions with finished products. On Friday, we started our first round of real competition!  

stem olympics course iconSTEM: SCIENCE OLYMPICS

Coming Soon…

after school program graphic iconAFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM
This week is wellness week! Students will be engaging in a variety of activities, watching movies, and participating in a relay race!