[Week 03] Morning Programs

This week we tie-dyed t-shirts, began cutting and assembling our onigiri/musubi plushies, and started hanging artwork on the walls of the mini gallery in Castle Memorial Hall.

As we began our third week together, the students continued to come together as an ensemble. For the first time we had the entire class together at the same time! We continued to expand our performance repertoire with new games like “Onion Scene”, “Props” and “Alphabet Scene”. The entire class has exhibited great patience and support for one another while performing exercises like, “The Red Thread”. In this game we share short personal stories related to a suggested theme or topic while we pass around a ball of red yarn. Together they create a “web” of stores which highlight the many things they have in common. We have touched on experiences and emotions which we dealt with during the Pandemic and over the past several years and other topics like “Magic” and “Silliness”. Other favorite games include “Emotional Symphony” and “4 corners.”

explorer graphic logoHNS: EXPLORERS

Coming Soon…


This week we worked on a ladybug craft, went to the Aquarium, and are learning about fish. The students were invited to draw their favorite aquarium animal.

researchers graphic logoHNS: RESEARCHERS
Students are working on their patience and observational skills by finding and identifying insects. They also are continuing their research for their plants, birds, ocean animals, and insects.

summer games course iconLET’S PLAY SPORTS
This week in Let’s Play Sports, we continued to work on our cardiovascular endurance while playing Banana Tag, Medic, Sharks and Minnows, and May I Chase You. This week our students were able to learn another version of Capture the Flag (but with a ball). It seems like they are having a lot of fun!

little journalist graphic logoLITTLE JOURNALISTS

This week the Little Journalists worked on taking action shots with their cameras. They worked to refine their interviewing preparation and technique and to improve their digital layout skills. They continue to find their reporting voice in their writing, and are always on the hunt for the perfect human interest story.

stem discovery graphic logoSTEM: DISCOVERY
This week, the students learned about densities by creating lava lamps and snowstorms in a bottle. The students learned about the different chemical reactions of alka-seltzer tablets and water and baking soda and vinegar through paintings. They have been exploring more on code.org as well as PBS engineering, math, and science games.

This week, the sudents finished and presented their multiple 2-D stop motion animation projects to the class. Students learned about 3D stop motion animation and watched some examples for inspiration. At the end of the week, they begin to create their own 3-D stop motion animations. Students can choose from a variety of media for this project, beads, objects in class, themselves/classmates, Lego, clay, and more.

This week in Let’s Get Arted, we continued to learn about art elements and identifying what makes a good story, understanding plot elements, and drawing plot diagrams. On Monday and Tuesday, we sparked writing ideas with fun Emoji writing prompts and learned about color as they made summer pop art designs filled with various color tints and shades. On Wednesday, students learned about shape using a Japanese art form that utilized negative and positive space in their composition, On Thursday, we went on an exciting field trip to the Downtown Art Center (DAC) to see their 40th anniversary of the Hawai’i Craftsmen Annual Statewide Fiber Exhibition. I highly recommend taking some time to visit the exhibition, it’s well worth it! On Friday, we wrote thank you cards to DAC and prepared a group writing for our Taiko drums activity on Monday! All this week, students continued writing and publishing our stories in hard copy and digitally. Student are really enjoying the writing process and jumping in to their writing and drawings this week!