01. Overview: Helping students shift from arithmetic to algebra

Many students experience learning difficulties in mathematics with the shift from arithmetic skills to algebraic ideas in middle and high school. Algebraic concepts and skills are the focus of instruction in these grades and form the foundation that allows students to access more sophisticated mathematical and scientific ideas that, in turn, open college and career pathways Thus, It is critical that all students have opportunities to succeed in these transitional grades. The x to Why project is designed to support a broad spectrum of diverse learners in gaining these skills so that every student feels empowered.

02. Highlights: A problem-solving approach increase learning algebra proficiency

The project incorporates innovative applications of research-based ideas to create an instructional model that emphasizes a problem-solving approach to mathematics. The model provides:

  • a coherent sequencing and blending of concepts and skills
  • 8-15 days to gain understandings and proficiency
  • a focus on mathematical structures
  • grouping structures that also provide individual accountability

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MPower A path to Understanding Algebra is a full year curriculum with unique features to ensure a highly-engaged classroom regardless of student skill levels.

nsights graphic

NSights Math Games for Conceptual Understanding offers an engaging way to use gamificiation of mathematical concepts and skills to support deeper learning of mathematics.

bhold graphic

BHold Explorations to Promote Algebraic Thinking is a collection of sophisticated math tasks that focus on conceptual ideas.


XPDitions Journey into Professional Development helps teachers learn how best to utilize all components of the x to Why project.


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03. Products



MPower A path to Understanding Algebra



NSights Math Games for Conceptual Understanding



BHold Explorations to Promote Algebraic Thinking



XPDitions Journey into Professional Development

04. Team


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