Our mathematics programs

  • are based on intensive research into students’ thinking about mathematical concepts.
  • promote interaction among students to conjecture, prove, refute, and extend ideas.
  • build communication skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and critical listening.
  • engage students of varying abilities, including ESL and special-needs students.
  • align with national and state-level standards and benchmarks.
  • improve student achievement.

In support of this mission, our work includes

  • understanding of students’ mathematical thinking and learning.
  • creation of effective curricula and other support materials.
  • promotion of applications of technology.
  • professional development opportunities.
  • support of schools engaged in mathematics reform.

Current projects are

  • Measure Up
  • Reshaping Mathematics for Understanding
  • Algebra I: A Process Approach
  • The Write Way Journal Prompts
  • Geometry: A Moving Experience
  • Traffic on the Information Superhighway

Program & Curriculum

pdf Mathematics Curriculum

pdf Measure Up Brochure

Reports & Samples

Download examples of The “Write” Way Mathematics Journal Prompts

Download Explorations in Algebra sample Labs

Download Traffic samples

Reshaping Mathematics samples