CRDG Organizational Chart

College of Education
Randy Hitz, Dean

Curriculum Research & Development Group
Donald B. Young, Director
Kathleen Berg, Associate Director
Nancy Fujii, Secretary

Administrative Officer
Sheryl Nohara

Assistant to Director
Diane Witt

Products and Services
Kathleen Berg
Editing, Manuscript Preparation,
Printing, Publication, Warehousing,
Marketing & Dissemination

Research and Development Sections

Laboratory School
Jane Burke, Principal
Audrey Maedo, Secretary

Francis M. Pottenger

Social Studies
Linda Menton

Val Krohn-Ching

Arthur R. King

Barbara Dougherty

Learning Technologies
Thomas W. Speitel

Cheryl Harstad

Morris K. Lai

Special Projects/RCUH
Diane Witt

Dr. Arthur R. King, Jr., founder and director of CRDG, began his tenure at the UH as a member of the College of Education research faculty. Along with William Savard, Art was co-director of the Hawaii Curriculum Center, which later became CRDG. His depth and breadth of knowledge and leadership, along with his vision for creating and sustaining a university-based R&D center using a real-time school as a laboratory is the very foundation of CRDG’s success. Art’s belief in and commitment to a quality liberal education for all sustained CRDG through economic and political challenges. The result is a curriculum R&D center recognized internationally for the quality of its research, products, and services that have served thousands of teachers and millions of students.