Major CRDG Projects and Programs 1966–2014

CRDG Initiated and Developed

Hawaii English Program (HEP)—Secondary
Consumer Education
Metric, K–6
SCOPE Mathematics
Japanese Language and Culture
Language Systems
Families in Hawai‘i
Your Place and Mine: A community Study
Comprehensive Musicianship Program, K–12
Hawai‘i Nature Study
Hawai‘i: Ko Kākou Mau Mo‘olelo (Hawai‘i: Our Traditions)
Coastal Problems and Resource Management
Energy Education Program
British and European Literature
Computer Literacy Project
Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST)
Ke Kai Ola Project
Hawaiian Language and Polynesian Culture Program
Modern History of Hawai‘i
Telecommunications in Education
Home/School Partnership for Bilingual/Multicultural Education in Early Learning
Hawai‘i Bilingual/Multicultural Project for Secondary Students of Limited English Proficiency
Hawai‘i Multicultural Awareness Program
Aloha Oahu: Tourism in the City and County of Honolulu
To Find the Way
Hawai‘i School Success Project
Hawai‘i Network for Education
in Science and Technology (HI-NEST)
Guidance Curriculum Guide
Hawai‘i Marine Science Studies
JASON III, Expedition to the Galapagos Islands
The Geometry Learning Project
Hawaii Algebra Learning Project
Water Resource Management
Archimedes Laboratory
Nutrition Education
Health Education
The Hōkūle‘a Project
Ukulele: A Comprehensive Approach
Ethics in Thought and Action
Developmental Approaches in Science,
Health and Technology (DASH)
History of East Asia
Integrated Developmental Experiences
for Active Learning (IDEAL)
Classroom Electronic Portfolio
The “Write” Way Journal Prompts
High School Physics
Performance English
DODEA School Safety Project
Reshaping Mathematics for Understanding
Weather and Ratios
Traffic on the Information Superhighway
Explorations in Algebra
Working ‘Round a Problem
Teaching Science as Inquiry
Invention Factory
Developing Algebra Resources for Teachers (DART)
Pacific Education and Research for Leadership in Science
Kapālama Algebra Readiness
in the Elementary School (KARES)
Technology for Untapped Talent
USPACOM Longitudinal Study of
Military Child Education in Hawai‘i
School Internet Safety Initiative
Math Teachers Circle of Hawai‘i
A Modeling Approach to Algebra
Voice of the Sea
Reflections of Honor: The Untold Story of a Nisei Spy

Partnerships with the Hawai‘i

Department of Education
Hawaii English Program (HEP)—Elementary
Artists in the Schools
Pihana Nā Mamo
Hawai‘i School Health Surveys
Modeling Our World
Academy for the Twenty-first Century

Partnerships with the Pacific Circle Consortium

(International collaborations)
The Ocean Project I: Wise Use of Ocean Resources
The Ocean Project II: Environments for Pacific Peoples
Pacific Basin Forestry Project
Pacific Basin Coastal Zone Project
Bay and Harbor Communities of the Pacific
Fishing in the Pacific Project
Asian/Pacific Literature
Pacific Area Technology and Health
Educational Media Technology
for International Understanding
Pacific Tourism Project
The Antarctic Project
Education for the XXI Century: A Bridge for the Pacific Rim