Physics, Physiology, and Technology Extends Inquiry Curriculum to Grade Ten

Work on the latest inquiry science curriculum, Physics, Physiology, and Technology, has moved out of the Laboratory School to the next level of field testing and revision with the involvement of two cohorts of public school teachers. PP&T, as it is called, is designed for tenth grade, though it is being used in secondary schools in grades nine through twelve. Following many years of design, redesign, and testing by CRDG, the program is now in twenty public school classrooms. The teachers who attended training sessions in the summer of 2005 have met monthly throughout the year to receive support as they implement the programs and provide feedback to researchers. A No Child Left Behind grant of $10,800 will allow expansion of the test group to neighbor island teachers in 2006. Dr. Arnold Feldman of the physics department of the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa is the principal investigator for these workshops. The physics department has also provided the laboratory facilities and the assistance of Joe Laszlo. Course delivery has been carried out by David Kleinjans, Stacey Carpenter, Jim Redmond, and Frank Pottenger of CRDG with evaluation from Barbara Klemm of the College of Education, Institute for Teacher Education.