Read Aloud Programs

Reading aloud is an integral part of the Golden Triangle language arts program developed by the CRDG English section and used in all ULS English classes in grades 6–12. Here, Jim Harstad reads aloud with his eighth grade English class.

Jim Harstad, of the CRDG English Section, is one of the developers and co-authors of the Golden Triangle language arts materials. In addition to his work in the Laboratory School and in curriculum development, Jim has brought his passion for oral reading into the community as a board member of Read Aloud America. The program, which encourages literacy and greater family participation in the educational process by bringing families together to share in the joy of reading aloud, brings many of the concepts found in the Golden Triangle program to an extracurricular activity designed to bridge the gap between school and home. Serving as a liaison between the theoretical, academic community and the teachers/parents/students at individual public schools, Jim participated in Read Aloud programs at Nānāikapono Elementary, Wai‘anae Elementary, Waipahu Elementary, Waiau Elementary, and Pālolo Elementary in 2005.