Singapore Connection

In 2004 the mathematics section of the Curriculum Research & Development Group and NeeAnn Polytechnic in Singapore continued work on a collaborative production of Engineering Mathematics I, a program for engineering students in their first mathematics course. The program, based on the underlying foundations of CRDG’s Algebra I: A Process Approach (2001), focuses on developing mathematical understanding through problem solving.

Production of the program involves personnel from both sites. The initial materials are developed at CRDG, then sent electronically to Singapore where a team reviews them and makes recommendations for revisions. The revisions are then discussed between the two teams until they are agreed upon. Lessons are then piloted and, based on these trials, other revisions are suggested.

The program includes a student textbook, teacher manual, tests and quizzes, and hands-on labs. NeeAnn Polytechnic is adding a computer-based technology component using software developed at their site. Completion of this project is targeted for summer 2005.