Taste of Technology for the 21st Century

The new course, Taste of Technology for the 21st Century placed students in a 21st century connected classroom for an immersive multi-platform experience that included guest speakers, guest instructors, and field experiences in addition to time to develop both individual and team projects. The program integrated the six International Society for Technology in Education standards: 1) creativity and innovation, 2) communication and collaboration 3) research and information fluency, 4) critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making, 5) digital citizenship, and 6) technology operations and concepts within the theme of “Past, Present, and Future of Technology.” The course culminated in TEDx-style presentations of student projects. While the program was initially designed as a middle school program, this student centered, collaborative approach allowed the instructors to accept interested students from both elementary and high school, and the final enrollment included students in 4th through 10th grades.