Use of CRDG Science Programs in Russia Expands

30359The adaptation of CRDG’s elementary science program Developmental Approaches in Science, Health and Technology (DASH) by educators in Russia continued this year with Carol Ann Brennan’s summer visit to Moscow to teach a DASH course for teachers, administrators, and other educators. This followed a previous visit by two teachers from Moscow to CRDG to observe DASH in use at ULS and to begin training with Brennan and Frank Pottenger. In addition to expanding the training in DASH for Russian educators, Brennan had the opportunity to see video of DASH classes in Russia, participate in their online learning community, observe some of the unique innovations they are testing, and serve as a consultant to the educators who are adapting and translating DASH for Russian teachers.

The current work with the DASH curriculum represents the latest chapter in a long-standing collaboration between CRDG and the Russian Academy of Science that began over twenty years ago when CRDG’s award-winning middle school science curriculum Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST) was introduced into Russia by Don Young and Frank Pottenger.