Administration’s Message

CRDG is a learner-centered community of educators—recognized locally, nationally, and globally for quality research, design, and curricula—that inspires dynamic teaching and learning.

Since our founding in 1966, this vision has guided our work—research, development, evaluation, and publication of curriculum products, professional development programs, and outreach in the form of collaborative projects and partnerships—all in the service of improving educational outcomes.

As CRDG’s director, I am proud to highlight the exciting and innovative work our faculty and staff are doing. Much of what we do to support and improve education is changing to reflect the ever-evolving education landscape. But we also continue to build on our long history of development and collaboration that supports and enhances the processes of teaching and learning. We are proud of the continuing tradition of excellence that guides our work and proud to share a small part of it with you here. We hope our web site provides an informative picture of our work and who we are.


Dr. Paul Brandon
Director, CRDG