Bringing Ocean Science to the Public

seraphinCRDG’s Kanesa Seraphin spent much of 2012 travelling to interview scientists about their research and producing episodes of a new television show, Voice of the Sea, that will expose viewers to ocean science issues and research relevant to Hawai‘i and the Pacific region. The goals of the show are to 1) improve viewers’ understanding of the ocean and of the connection between people and the health of the ocean; 2) strengthen viewers’ knowledge of scientific research practices and local scientific work; 3) develop viewers’ connection to, identification with, and empathy for scientists; and 4) create interest in the processes of science that will inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In each episode of Voice of the Sea, the host meets with science researchers and support staff in their labs or at their research sites to develop the viewers’ understanding of what it means to be an ocean scientist and to expose viewers to current scientific research. Locations Seraphin visited for the first season included volcanoes and the Mokupāpapa: Discovery Center for Hawai‘i’s Remote Coral Reefs on Hawai‘i Island, aquaponics and beach restoration sites on Maui, and the surf forecasting center and Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology on O‘ahu. She also visited the Tara Oceans Expedition research boat during its stop in Hawai‘i and traveled to Guam and Palau to film episodes for the second season. Voice of the Sea will begin airing in early 2013.