CRDG Begins Offering eBooks

CRDG’s Marketing and Publications Service (MaPS) has many years of experience disseminating CRDG-developed curriculum products and coordinating professional development services to the K–12 education community. As technology continues to play a bigger role in education, the methods of delivery for those products and services are shifting. “Classroom delivery has changed in the twenty-first century,” said Helen Au, CRDG Assistant Director. “We need to understand and respond to the market demand. Digital citizens require products and services instantaneously, and conveniently; they often access information via tablets and other mobile devices.” From revamping CRDG’s website design and infrastructure for friendly mobile display and eBook preview, purchase, and download to upgrading CRDG’s design and technical staff’s digital skills and knowledge, MaPS’ goals are to create platforms and infrastructure that allow digital and online curriculum delivery for CRDG products. The Voices of the Youth, the Reshaping Mathematics series, the Write Way Journal Prompts series, the first titles in the Ka Wana series, Chinese New Year, and selected other titles were made available as eBooks in 2011. Other online and electronic formats for delivery of professional development and creation of online learning communities are being developed as CRDG continues to explore new ways to introduce technology and innovation throughout its operations.