New Publications

No Na Mamo, Tradition and Contemporary Hawaiian Beliefs and Practices


Malcolm Naea Chun

This updated and revised compilation of books in the acclaimed Ka Wana series brings them together in a single volume along with new material and a new 32-page color section.




Aloha, Traditions of Love and Affection


Malcolm Naea Chun

In this final volume in the Ka Wana series, the author looks at how the word aloha has been used by Hawaiians before and after contact with explorers and, later, with missionaries, discovering what aloha really meant in traditional Native Hawaiian culture before European visitors came ashore in 1778.



The Voices of the Youth (Na– Leo o na– ‘O–pio): Our Online Safety
edited by Thanh Truc Nguyen

Students responded to the questions “What issues do you think of when you consider Internet safety?” and “Do you have any concerns for your own Internet safety as youths?” in an essay competition on Internet safety. This selection of award-winning essays provides insight into how young people experience life online.