CRDG Our Roots

1895 A teacher training department is formed at Honolulu High School, located in Princess Ruth’s former mansion (now Central Intermediate School).

1896 The teacher training department moves to Victoria and Young Streets and is renamed Honolulu Normal and Training School.

1905 After annexation, Hawai‘i becomes a U.S. territory. Honolulu Normal and Training School is renamed Territorial Normal and Training School and is moved to Lunalilo and Quarry streets.

1930 Benjamin Wist (later dean of Teachers College) becomes the principal of the school.

1921 The school moves to a new 15-acre site (once a pig farm) adjoining the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. The university’s Department of Secondary Education becomes the School of Education.

1931 The legislature transfers the Territorial Normal and Training School to the School of Education. The School of Education is renamed Teachers College.

1939–1941 An elementary school (University Elementary School) is built on Metcalf Street as part of Teachers College. Construction begins on Castle Memorial Hall, a training center for kindergarten and nursery school teachers.

1941–1945 Punahou School, displaced by the military occupying its campus, moves into Castle Memorial Hall and other buildings, but Teachers College continues to operate.

1943 University High School Building 1 on the Metcalf Street side of Teachers College is completed as an intermediate school.

1948 University High School Building 2 is constructed adjacent to Building 1. The schools now offer a complete K–12 curriculum. Hubert Everly (later dean of the College of Education) becomes the principal.

1959 Teachers College becomes the College of Education, and Hawai‘i becomes the fiftieth state.

1966 The schools become part of a new entity, the Hawai‘i Curriculum Center. This is a joint operation of the Hawai‘i Department of Education and the University of Hawai‘i to develop curriculum programs and materials for schools.

1969 The Hawai‘i Curriculum Center is phased out and the University Laboratory School (ULS) comes under a new College of Education unit known as the Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG).

1996 CRDG, along with other research units, reorganizes under the UH Office of the Senior Vice President for Research.

2000 CRDG merges with the College of Education. ULS applies for charter school status.

2001 ULS becomes a charter school and continues to serve as a laboratory for curriculum R & D in
partnership with CRDG.