Strong STEM Focus Continues

Curriculum Development

Measure Up Elementary Mathematics, grade 5

The Effects of Formative Assessment in a Networked Classroom on Student Learning of Algebraic Concepts, grade 7

Using Technology to Improve Mathematics Learning, grade 12

The Role of Gender in Language Used by Children and Parents Working on Mathematical Tasks Physics, Physiology, and Technology (PP&T), grades 9–10

Invention Factory, grades 8–10

Reshaping Mathematics for Understanding, grades 6–8

Algebra I: A Process Approach, grades 8–9

X-Power Interactive, grades 8–10

Developmental Approaches in Science, Health and Technology (DASH), grades K–6

Fluid Earth and Living Ocean (FELO), grades 9–12

Foundational Approaches in Science Teaching (FAST), grades 6–9

Raemi Shibata with students

Raemi Shibata never expected to teach middle and high school students to build electronic toys and circuit boards when she was an engineering student at Portland State University. She really didn’t know how she was going to use her engineering degree upon graduation. A summer working with The Invention Factory and CRDG Summer Programs changed that.

Following her graduation from Portland State, Shibata’s summer work paid off when she joined The Invention Factory as an instructor. According to Shibata, there are other pay-offs as well. When a student “gets it, it’s like WOW!” Maybe

Professional Development

Blanche Pope Elementary Mathematics Development

Nanakuli, Pearl City, Waipahu Complex Secondary Mathematics Development

Honolulu District Mathematics Development, grades K–12

Lanakila Elementary School Mathematics Science Partnership

Stevenson Middle School Mathematics Development

Teaching Science as Inquiry (TSI), grades K–12

Science Professional Development Through Distance Learning: Hawai‘i Interactive Television System (HITS)

Meeting Science Standards (MSS), grades 4–7

Life Science Investigations (LSI), grade 7

Graduate Fellows in K–12 Education (GK–12)

Ka Waihona o Ka Na‘auao Public Charter School (K–5) Science

School Web of Instructional Media (SWIM)

Hawai‘i Watersheds Database