Measure Up Reaches Milestone

The Measure Up elementary mathematics research project continues to investigate the development of children’s algebraic thinking through the teaching of mathematics concepts using a measurement context. The project is based on the work of Russian psychologists, mathematicians, and educators with the initial development done in collaboration with the Institute of Developmental Psychology and Pedagogy in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, and Best Practices in Education in New York. Current collaboration with the University of Mississippi supports project work by providing additional analyses of video data and student work. The University Laboratory School (ULS) and Connections Public Charter School (CPCS) are the primary research sites for the curriculum development. The 2005–2006 academic year marked a milestone in the work of Measure Up. With the first cohort of ULS and CPCS students finishing grade 5, the project team has developed a complete first draft of this unique five-year program. Student pages and activities, teacher notes, and ancillary materials have been created based on findings using a design research methodology. Financial support from the Castle Foundation and the John Dean Foundation has enabled the project team to work with Waimānalo Elementary and Intermediate School as a potential site for future pilot studies.

Measure Up Community Partners

Institute of Developmental Psychology and Pedagogy, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Best Practices in Education, New York
University of Mississippi
Connections Public Charter School
Castle Foundation
John Dean Foundation
Waimānalo Elementary and Intermediate School

GK–12 Community Partners

Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology, UHM
Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology, UHM
Lyon Arboretum, UHM
Hōkūlani Elementary School
Lanikai Elementary School
Farrington High School
National Science Foundation