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UH Systems News recommended MaPS as the digital printing provider on campus

Stationery and business card procedure changes

January 4, 2012  |   | UH News

UH stationery (letterheads, memos, envelopes) and business cards will no longer be provided through the UH Creative Services office. University departments, offices and programs in need of stationery and business cards are advised to contact the Hawaiʻi Correctional Industries print shop directly.

Hawaiʻi Correctional Industries print services

While use of Hawaiʻi Correctional Industries is not mandated, it is the recommended vendor. HCI is the only non-university printer with the official design templates and will follow the UH Graphics Standards.

HCI has all the official UH seals and signatures in the appropriate campus colors (PDF). See a sample stationery layout (PDF).

In addition, HCI will provide samples to Creative Services, which will continue to monitor operations for quality assurance.

Ordering information

To order stationery or business cards—

Rush orders

In general, digital printing, which is of lesser quality than offset printing, should be avoided. However, digital printing may be an option when business cards are needed in small quantities or more quickly than the time required for offset printing.

The Curriculum Research and Development Group’s Marketing and Publication Services operates a digital printshop on the Mānoa campus and provides services systemwide. Contact MaPS for pricing information.

Electronic stationery files

Because desktop printing of letterhead is of lesser quality than offset printing, use should be limited to internal communications. Electronic letterheads must comply with the official design templates in the UH Graphics Standards.

To obtain an electronic letterhead file, send a requesting memo signed by the respective dean, director or chair with a sample of existing print letterhead (or typed letterhead information) to Bachman Annex 2. Include the email address which will receive the electronic file and allow two weeks from receipt of memo and information.