Research on Teacher Training for Marine Science

A major grant from the US Department of Education is bringing CRDG’s science, learning technology, and evaluation teams together to investigate how instruction in inquiry-based teaching enhances marine science education. Part of CRDG’s Teaching Science as Inquiry (TSI) program, the project is creating a modularized aquatic science course for high school science teachers that combines instruction in inquiry teaching with marine science content, relating both to the ocean literacy principles developed by a collaborative network of scientists and educators. The modular structure of the TSI-Aquatic program allows it to enhance aquatic science teaching wherever it occurs, be it in a dedicated marine science course, or in a biology, physics, or chemistry class. The pilot group of teachers started in 2010 with the physical science and chemical aquatic science modules. In later years, the project will add modules on biological and ecological science, so that eventually teachers will attend all four modules. The structure of the project allows for teachers to attend the workshop, teach the inquiry unit in their classrooms, and then come back for a follow-up session to debrief and share their insights with other teachers. CRDG’s learning technology researchers are studying how teachers use the online communities created for the extended follow-up, while evaluators are developing instruments to study the program’s  impact on participants’ teaching.


  • Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley
  • UH Sea Grant College Program
  • Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Western Oregon University
  • University of Kentucky