Third Curriculum in the East Asia Series

The newest project in the series of curricula on East Asia will be an activity-driven modular program on the history of North and South Korea since 1945. In addition to providing a comprehensive program on Korea, topics will be “tagged” to allow the materials to be used in a broader world history course in units on such topics as the Cold War, totalitarianism, and freedom versus security. In keeping with the other curricula in the series, the new program will include an abundance of primary sources as well as maps and timelines, archival photographs, literary excerpts, first person accounts, songs and poems, and political cartoons.

The University Laboratory School’s Noren Lush, a member of the team that created the first two texts in this series—China: Understanding its Past and The Rise of Modern Japan—continued through 2012 working with CRDG to produce the new program on the modern history of Korea.