Updated Marine Science Text

Image_010A new edition of CRDG’s acclaimed marine science text The Fluid Earth is in development. The Fluid Earth is part of a marine science program that draws on biology, physics, chemistry, meteorology, geology, cartography, engineering, and ecology and presents all of this in an interdisciplinary marine science context. The text uses inquiry as its core pedagogical strategy and ties the study of science and technology to problems in the global environment, promoting awareness of the wise use of both natural and technological resources. The upcoming fourth edition reflects advances in understanding the circulation patterns in the ocean and their impact on global weather systems and climate; the geology of tsunamis and plate tectonics; the chemistry of acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and water pollution; the economic and technological impact of potential sea level rising; the cautionary potential for mineral resource development; and the role of the United Nations in managing the common heritage of the high seas.